Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

My artwork is the product of my personal spiritual journey. In my work, I complete my experiences using a sacred and metaphysical perspective in accordance with the philosophic and religious symbolism of Thelema. Having studied the diverse systems of various Hermetic traditions in conjunction with my own personal meditations, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, as well as esoteric symbolism, arranging them into new, conceptually-layered pieces.


Oftentimes these themes are combined into installations that feature the strength of beauty ranging from the highest to the basest aspects of human nature. At my easel with a blank canvas before me, I consider myself a magician. There, my palette knife is my dagger, my water jar is my cup, my palette is my pentacle, and my paintbrush is my wand.  When I paint, I summon forth the Divine within and manifest creation onto the blank slate of potentiality.


While I use a variety of materials and processes, I prefer acrylic paint to be the foundation in all my works. I utilize a wide variety of technique among the different works, yet throughout the subject matter they are always linked by recurring formal concerns.  My first and last thought when I begin a new project is to insure that the finished work is the strongest and most compelling masterpiece it can be.


A project often consists of multiple works, varying in a wide range of different styles and theory, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During research and production more areas of interest arise and drive me to new avenues of thought and form.


Love is the Law, Love under will.